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peggy’s travels

Oh how I wish I had the talent to take photos like these. Peggy Wong’s travels are not only enviable, but her images make her destinations look like places out of dreams. Cadiz, Bordeaux, Casablanca, Concarneau, San Simeon, just to name a few. Advertisements

the color test vol II

Another fun test for your eyes (at the risk of going temporarily color blind afterwards) click here. Enjoy!

old and new in barcelona

Loving the stark backdrop for this gorgeous collection of antiques. It doesn’t hurt that the apartment is in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Mixed in are the contemporary pieces which compliment (but don’t deter) from the collection: the white Barcelona chairs, the sleek dining table with its black chairs, the white coffee table, among a few … Continue reading

in love: prada men’s f/w 2012

How I love the men’s runway. The 1920’s inspired diplomatic meeting room with the giant chandeliers and the opulent carpet all complement the super elegant “military elite” suits in dark tones. A hint of red here and there (merci Adrien Brody) and a few older faces for the models. Perfection!  

sydney dream

Hello readers! Today we’re celebrating two beautiful things. Firstly, The Adamant Chic’s 100th post! Thank you for reading and sharing. May we have many more 100’s come our way :) The second beautiful thing for today is this gorgeous home. Katon Redgen Mathieson from Sydney, Australia  do a stellar job in remodeling and refurbishing this … Continue reading

casually captured

This is what I want to see in interior photography. Inga Powilleit captures people in their spaces in a relaxed and authentic way. The shots might be carefully styled and manicured, (we will never know!) but the spaces feel lived-in and real. We appreciate the way the space is used, and we get a good … Continue reading

johanna burke in brooklyn

Hello all! It’s been a fabulous computer-free month but we’re very happy to be back with lovely inspirations for the much-awaited 2012. We’re assuming the Mayans were right, so every day counts this year! May you all find love and happiness, health and hope, family and friends. Johanna Burke has lived in New York City … Continue reading

ara güler’s photography

I fell in love with the black & white series from Istambul by Ara Güler. There are dozens more where these came from!  Mr. Güler has been famously photographing his native country for a long time (he’s 83 years old), often being called “the Eye of Istambul.” I’m amazed by the depth of these photographs, … Continue reading

beyond the photograph

Beautiful beautiful artwork by Spencer Studio. The evocative vintage photographs bleed onto the paper as pencil drawings by the artist. Via Miss Moss

south african bliss

This is what a real getaway looks like people. In their own words: “Babylonstoren is a Cape Dutch farm with vineyards and orchards surrounded by the dramatic mountains of the Drakenstein Valley. It has an exceptionally well–preserved werf dating from 1690. A fruit and vegetable garden of botanical diversity supplies a remarkable restaurant. Guests staying at an exclusive … Continue reading