le corbusier for carlos de beistegui

Carlos de Beistegui’s apartment in the Champs Élysées is an enigmatic interior that I would love to travel in time to see. De Beistegui was a multi-millionaire art collector and interior decorator who was known for his eccentric gusto and flamboyant parties in the Château de Groussay, where he spent 30 years decorating and re-doing the gardens. He held extravagant parties that were renown across Europe, and filled his spaces with all kinds of original and fake art. (He claimed to own the original Holbein portrait of Henry VIII (!!) which actually belongs to the British crown)

But it’s this smaller space that I’m fascinated with. The terrace was designed by Salvador Dali. I especially love the placement of the mirror, halfway up the wall. There were also large hedges on motorized tracks, which moved to reveal stunning views of Paris.  There are very few photographs existing to my knowledge, so here are some of them. And oh, how I wish I could see more!


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