rough luxe in london

I love the concept for The Rough Luxe Hotel in London’s King’s Cross.

In their own words:

“It is a new way of looking at luxury as part of time and not just as an object of consumption. Luxury should be an enriching personal experience and not simply the ownership or utilisation of an expensive object. It is a different definition of luxury: time for reflection, the intellectual value of objects – of art, nature, culture, our environment and the people around us, of social and cultural experiences linked to locations as well as the ‘consumable’ items; food, lifestyle objects and events.”

The small hotel is set in a Gregorian terraced house, where designer Rabih Hage mixes contemporary furnishings with inexpensive re-purposed ones.  The fabulous look of the walls  was achieved after removing 3 and 4 layers of wallpaper, reaching layers that go back to the 1800’s. This seems like the antithesis of a luxury hotel, which makes it all the more interesting!

Via and Dezeen

One Response to “rough luxe in london”
  1. Maria Elena Bravo says:

    Encantadora tu forma de ver y describir, que rico paseo entre lo que ya paso hace mucho tiempo, paso hace no tanto y lo que esta pasando o mas bien lo que gusto hace mucho, lo que gusto y lo que nos esta gustando ahora. Mezcla dramatica, pero que muestra una autentica forma de sentir en cada epoca. Dramatica en el contraste, pero interesante en todos los aspectos. Que rico leer lo que te atrae y fuera de eso que nos muestres lo que el diseño y gusto hacen a traves de las epocas…..

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