herzog & de meuron: 1111 lincoln road

If parking lots could ever be attractive or even remotely interesting to look at, this is it! Herzog & de Meuron reinvent the parking program on the corner of Lincoln and Alton Road. Mixed use is one of the most interesting aspects of this place. The entire ground level is retail, (and really beautiful retail), and the entire top level is a private residence, wow! (I felt compelled to ring the doorbell but sadly no one would let me in to see the seemingly gorgeous penthouse). The Alchemist shop is inserted on the 5th level, which is a big surprise when you’re driving up to park. When could you ever go shopping inside a parking lot?

I think the impressive irregular columns make the building look like a house of cards. They’re huge! The levels change dramatically in height, which creates a ton of interest and amazing views of South Beach. And the neon signs and the small sculptural details make this place all the more fun to walk through. There always seems to be a few people hanging out in the lot and enjoying the views, and I know it’s also been used for major events and parties, even yoga classes!

For the 1111 website go here.

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