héctor zamora : delirio atopico in bogotá

Hello! I’ve been out of touch  because I’m having problems with my internet, (lame!) but I hope to be fully back on track soon, and in the meantime I’ll be in and out of the internet cafes, which is kind of nice to do in the city sometimes.. :)

Anyways! I love this 2009 installation by Zamora in the center of Bogotá, Colombia. 14,000 kilos of bananas, (one of the staple foods of the Colombian diet, and also an important export) were placed on the facade of two buildings surrounded by public plazas, creating a temporary display of decay. The fruits were kept at the windows during their full process of maturation.

Quoted below via here, and artist website here

“Héctor Zamora’s work transcends the conventional exhibition space, redefining it, reinventing it, generating friction between the common roles of public and private, exterior and interior, organic and geometric, savage and methodical, real and imaginary.

With his technical prowess and knowledge of lightweight structures in architecture, and a meticulous emphasis on the process of conceptualization and the construction of each piece, Zamora calls for the participation of the spectator and urges us to question the everyday uses of materials and the functions of space.

Zamora accomplishes subverting each one of his sites, and in some of his interventions he plays with institutional structures, inserting himself at critical points where it is possible to find enough flexibility (i.e. weakness) to generate a reaction. For example, building a parasitic dwelling atop of the Museo Carrillo Gil in Mexico City (after five months of a delay in its construction due to bureaucratic paperwork), dealing with the prohibition of placing two thousand meters of aquatic irises in Sao Paulo, placing double mirrors on the Windows of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, or guiding a game of bricks with the citizens of Genk (Belgium) without the sanction of the local government.”


One Response to “héctor zamora : delirio atopico in bogotá”
  1. Tia Lu says:

    Love it! Not certain I would have embraced the art so freely if I had been living in that building. Glad I can feel unencumbered by reality to enjoy it from a different vantage point. :)

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