wild horses! photographs by roberto dutesco

I remember seeing a large print of one of Roberto Dutesco’s photographs in a lobby in Soho and always wondering who the photographer of these gorgeous horses was. Well I finally found out when I bumped into the Dutesco gallery this weekend and fell in love with his work all over again!

Dutesco has been photographing wild horses on Sable Island for over 15 years. The small island is off the coast of Nova Scotia. It has been the site of around 500 shipwrecks, which is quite amazing, but the territory is now protected, so it has remained untouched by humans. There are around 400 horses living there, and they’re the only mammals on the island. Without a known predator they’re completely free and fearless creatures. Dutesco’s moments with these horses are truly gorgeous. As a declared animal lover I have a special place in my heart for this kind of photography.

Do stop by the gallery if you get the chance, and check out the sepia prints as well, which have amazing color. Dutesco also decorates some of the framing around the photographs. To read an interview on Dutesco go here























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