style icon: gitte lee

A glamorous mature woman will always be beautiful in my eyes, and Gitte Lee is such a perfect example of this. If only all women carried themselves like she does! She was a model 50 years ago in London and since then has become a fashion and style icon for women of all ages. Vogue Italia did a great shoot in her honor in 2010, which I’ve included here, and the street style photos are by Advanced Style.

So I’m always thinking that there is such an absurd amount of pressure for women (and men!) these days to look young, thin and wrinkle-free, I’m afraid we’re all going to look like preserved museum creatures if we stay on this road. But it gives me loads of hope to see inspirational ladies such as Ms.Lee, who have only become more confident with age and still carry themselves with such elegance. Aging is actually such a beautiful thing, and that seems to be a fact that we like to ignore these days. We need to embrace it and enjoy ourselves!  Of course, it would be great to get a few fashion tips from this dame so we can all look that amazing.



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