living in amazonian lushness

Today I’d like to focus on the exterior, rather than the interior of this residence. Pedro Useche’s house in Sao Paulo makes me nostalgic about living in South America and being surrounded by tropical gardens that never go through seasonal changes. You’re living in a lush Ferngully-like magical world where stuff just grows and grows all around you. Vegetation is sooo different than in the northeast, so much larger, more powerful and intimidating. But somehow we forget about it and take it for granted because its so ubiquitous. How beautiful is the interior/exterior relationship of this house?  I miss being able to walk outside practically forgetting where the threshold lies. The luxury of not having to prepare a house for cold months is a big one, and I think Useche takes full advantage of that here. The Venezuelan born architect designed all the furniture as well. Check out his collection on his website. His work is infused with a mid-century look that I find very attractive.

Via Design Attractor

Photos by Fran Parente


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