watch sculptures by dominic wilcox

I was immediately drawn to these tiny sculptures, but they became even more interesting upon close observation. British designer and artist Dominic Wilcox plays with moments in time:

“The miniature figure on the second hand moves around constantly and the figure on the minute hand appears stationary. I spent time thinking about the relationship between the two people, how one passes another repeatedly and I tried to think about when that situation happens in real life or in an imagined scenario. I altered head and arm angles of found model figures and made objects such as the LCD tv with wire and plug. The glass domes are hand blown to fit each watch exactly.”
























































































































Here are the artists descriptions for each watch:

London Looter: “A hooded youth on the second hand carries away a LCD tv while a riot policeman looks on passively. “I had to walk across Mare Street in Hackney to get home during the riots. I remember seeing a boy carrying an LCD TV down a back street. I noticed how the police seemed unsure how to react, holding their  circular shields while the boy held a rectangular TV.”

Watch sweeper: “The numbers and hands of a watch are swept away by a watch sweeper.”

The unrequited handshake: “The outstretched hand of friendship is continually rejected.”

Adventures of a young vegetarian OR Pigs shall fly: “A small girl attempts to stop a butcher chopping up a pig by hanging on his arm while the pig floats away.”

Hide ‘n’ seek: “A pig tailed girl hides behind a tree from a searching boy.”

“A man so engrossed in his iPhone that he fails to notice a monkey balanced on the head of a weightlifting boy standing on the arm of an elderly rollerskater.”

Via DesignMilk


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