teeny tiny on the coast of uruguay

Sometimes don’t you just feel like going back to basics? So basic that you might give up the city for a remote location and electricity for candles? This teeny house in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay does just that. The owner fell in love with the small house by the sea, and insisted on buying it from the owners with such intent that they actually gave the house to her as a gift, on the condition that she would continue to employ the one person that takes care of the property.

To arrive there, she needs to drive to the local station, where she leaves her car and hops onto a truck that will go through the sand dunes. Eventually she switches from the truck to a cart pulled by horses. Talk about remote!

With space for only two people, the house is built from very basic local materials, and is pretty much entirely white-washed. The natural tones add to the strong connection that it has with the exterior. Great ventilation occurs due to the large windows on all four sides of the house. I love looking at people’s ideas of what their perfect getaway looks like, and this is such a great example of that.

Via Espacio Living

2 Responses to “teeny tiny on the coast of uruguay”
  1. ziagó - president of your fan club in travelers rest says:

    The beds look like “my cup of tea”. I dream of sharing this lovely place with you and Groovy – I know both of you would love the beach.

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