former yugoslavia: elegant and cool

I can’t deal with how beautiful this hotel is in the old city center of Belgrade. Square Nine Hotel is the first 5-star hotel to open in Belgrade in more than a decade, but oh, what a place. From the building itself, to the public areas, to the rooms, I love it all!

The work is by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, who became interested in the rebirth of Serbia, and Belgrade in particular. You will see more posts on Weinfeld in the future, I adore his work. I find rebirths of great cosmopolitan cities amongst the most interesting things that can happen to a place (if handled correctly, that is) I’m thinking of Prague and Berlin, Medellín and Vilnius, as other examples. Cities become collages of the historic and the contemporary, many times to the dismay of the locals, but often creating truly interesting architectural landscapes.

SO, this space. My favorite area is the extended living room in the lobby that has a seemingly endless collection of furniture. Scandinavian pieces, world atlases, worn-in leather, collage of area rugs… so delicious. The facade and interior details are perfect volumes in gorgeous materials, very Mies. Look at the entrance as a band of stone, the large wooden columns in the lobby all perfectly lined up, the bar, and the elevator lobby.  The symmetry and the luxury of textures make it beautiful inside and out. Destination for next summer? Yes, please.






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