slow living in sicilia

A little bit over a year ago I was in the divine island of Sicily. I still don’t know why I ever left! Casa Talia reminds me of how beautiful the light is on this island. The heat, the closeness to Africa and the melange of hundreds of years of conquests by every possible neighboring peoples makes it so unique in its architecture and its feel. Sometimes you feel like you’re in Italy, sometimes in Morocco, sometimes in Spain. I love it!

The small hotel is in the historic center of Modica on the southeast coast of the island, which is part of the Unesco patrimony. The philosophy behind this hotel if of  ‘slow living’. You can sense that attitude with the look of the spaces. Very simple, local and traditional materials. No fuss, no frills. My main reason for posting this are the beautiful tiles. The extremely simple furnishings around the tiles are almost necessary and quite perfect for a place where you’d like to go to for some fresh air, long walks, and dining al fresco. Enjoy!

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