acido dorado adorns the desert

Who doesn’t like gold? I was mesmerized by this house in Joshua Tree National Park, by architect Robert Stone. Everything is dipped in gold inside and outside this trippy abode. Eeeeverything. 3 different tones of gold automotive paint, to be exact.

Stone built this house (and it’s black counterpart “Rosa Muerta”–must see!) for desert enthusiasts to use on short-term stays. Some of the accounts of people who have stayed there made me even more interested in how this house works. Most of the surfaces are reflective, and 78% of the house can be opened up to appreciate the landscape. It must be quite stunning to sit in the living room and see the *golden* landscape reflected all around you. For articles and photo shoots go here.

The appearance of the house changes as the day progresses and the light changes. And apparently, despite it’s minimalist appearance the house is quite comfortable. I’m not too sure about the looney heart-shaped cut-outs and the golden roses all over the facade, but hey, the house is called “golden acid” after all.


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