montréal: 3 days, 3 destinations

We were in the lovely city of Montreal for just under three days, and we surely fell in love! Amidst our busy schedule of visiting fabulous restaurants, fun bars, and plenty of browsing through great furniture shops, we also managed to visit 3 great spots that we highly recommend to our fellow architecture lovers.

1. Habitat ’67 by Moshe Safdie

Super cool-looking, especially when you walk underneath the structure. It has become more interesting because the concrete looks very “sixties.” You can tell that it’s not a new building and that it’s a little run-down and stained, but it definitely has a lot of character. The residents seem to have lovely apartments with great terraces. Remember, this was built for the World Expo of ’67! It was a huge attraction back then, and it still continues to draw visitors to the site. The views of the water are gorgeous and the surrounding grounds are very pleasant. We had a great overcast day and shot some nice photos. See more here and here

2. The Montreal Biosphere by Buckminster Fuller

It’s so much bigger than it looks in the photos. A beautiful, light-weight perfection of a sphere. The geodesic dome at its grandest expression. We didn’t visit any of the exhibitions because we were too happy looking at the thing from outside.

3. The Claire et Marc Bourgie Pavilion at the Museé des Beaux Arts.

This is worth a visit even if you don’t care about the architecture. It’s a beautiful collection of Québécois art that spans a couple centuries. I’m happy to report that I fell in love with an artist whose work I didn’t know before: Jean-Paul Riopelle. More on him later.

If you do care about architecture this is truly a stunning addition to the museum. An old church was restored and re-purposed into a performance hall. The brand new extension designed by Provencher Roy + Associés sits at the back of the church and serves as the venue for the 600 works of Québécois  art.  The last three photos are via the museum’s website.  

© The Adamant Chic


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