la perversa: mexican movie posters c.1948-1954

These are some truly awesome movie posters. I’ve started an “illustration” category after this encounter because I can’t wait to find more!

The posters are quite amazing in their use of color. I love the monochromatic figures, the overlapping images and all those saucy titles! You don’t have to speak spanish to know what’s going on in these movies. Who would’ve thought? Mexico in the 40’s, wow! They’re a bit art-deco-ish and I think that’s what originally drew my attention, but I just fell in love with the saturation and the DRAMA. I even like the names of the actors, they seem so appropriate.  I want to have one of these hanging in my kitchen :)

And I wonder if I can get my hands on one of these films…

A word from the collector:

“The posters are a great expression of a time when Mexico made an investment in popular culture as a way to promote the values and virtues that would unify society and consolidate the power of the system. I think it is very interesting that some of the poster artists (such as Josep Renau or Ernesto García Cabral) were also muralists. There is research to be done on the Mexican poster as an example of the aesthetic cohesiveness of government sponsored art in Mexico before the sixties.”—Ramón Figueroa

Please see more on 50watts!


2 Responses to “la perversa: mexican movie posters c.1948-1954”
  1. galantds says:

    The theme of these posters seems to be sexually charged in a noire kind of way…La Perversa draws my attention more just because of the name of the movie…cool stuff.

    • I agree – the intense film titles and dramatic illustrations hint at being noire-esque type of movies. That’s why I’m so curious to watch one of these films and see what they’re all about! Unfortunately nothing on Netflix.. but I’ll keep looking. Thanks for posting, and stay tuned!

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