brooklyn beauty

You know when you find an image you absolutely love, but the scary and vast digital abyss of the internet won’t allow you to find where the hell it came from? Well today I found the source of one of my favorite bedrooms, which I think I’ve posted here before. And I’m delighted to inform you that it comes from a gorgeous little house right here in Brooklyn! Aaaand it belongs to the president of J.Crew, who is apparently putting it on sale following a divorce…. ?

I want to live in this house. I’d like to keep the chalkboard walls, the tub, and the children’s bedroom :)

3 Responses to “brooklyn beauty”
  1. ziagó - president of your fan club in travelers rest says:

    I kinda like the closet ;)

  2. James says:

    I NEED:
    -the children’s toy-car near the fireplace
    -the serge mouille fixture in the bedroom
    -the tub and associated brass fixtures
    -the calder mobile above the crib

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