o’mast: watch this

I had a genuine fit of joy when I saw this trailer, which was graciously tipped to us by a likable young fashion lover. I cannot wait to see the film (eeeeee!!!) Perhaps one of the only surviving clans of artist/tailors (because yes, they’re artists) these Neapolitan men should be cloned and sprinkled all over the world, so that we could all enjoy the pleasures of wearing and witnessing bespoke suits all around us. Imagine how lovely it would be to sit in the metro and be surrounded by men dressed like this. Or walk into a coffeeshop, a bank, a magazine store or the opera (what on earth happened to dressing up for the opera?!) and having perfectly tailored clothing for men of all shapes and sizes.

Incidentally, “O’mast” in napolitano means “the master,” and the movie is by Gianluca Migliarotti.

We need to move to Italy, but in the meantime enjoy this:



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