This blog is a personal journal of inspiration. I’m trained as an interior designer but have always been interested in art history, architecture, literature, and most importantly the plethora of beauty that the world presents us with. I’m building a collection of these inspiring elements in The Adamant Chic.

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Este blog es un diario de inspiración personal. Practico diseño de interior, pero siempre me ha fascinado la historia del arte, la arquitectura, la literatura y mas que todo la enorme belleza que el mundo nos presenta todos los dias. Espero poder crear una colección de estos elementos en The Adamant Chic. 

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3 Responses to “About”
  1. Julie says:


    Really nice. I am so glad you are pursuing your passion!


  2. Tia Lu says:

    Encantada de descubrir mas mundo a traves de tu lente!
    Gracias por compartirlo de una manera tan grafica y facil de disfrutar.

    Love and cheers, de Tia Lu

  3. Thank you very much ladies, I appreciate your support and hope you keep enjoying TAC!

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