hybrid collection by seletti

I love the concept for this china collection by Seletti. Each piece shows the juxtaposition of eastern and western porcelain in one piece. I believe one could never have enough china, and a few unique pieces such as these make a great addition to a collection.   Advertisements

a tub of fun!

Today I’m in love with the free-standing tub. They can be such luxurious sculptural elements in the bathroom, and they will make you feel just as luxurious when you soak in them. I adore tubs on feet, but the ones carved out of stone can be strikingly gorgeous and elegant as well. And how great … Continue reading

color : navy blue

This color is everywhere this season. For interiors I especially love navy blue velvet for upholstery and window treatments. The color works beautifully for walls and accents as well.      

movin’ out

I’m super excited about moving into a new apartment at the end of the month, so I’ve begun to look for inspirational images that seem attainable at this stage of my life (alas, the Louis XV revival room will have to wait). These are some very cute ideas from another blogger’s new apartment.  Maria, from mariaemb chose simple … Continue reading

color: white…. by annette ekjord

I.love.white. And I love how Oslo-based interior designer Annette Ekjord uses white in her spaces. A lot of these are actually IKEA interiors. Who would’ve known! White interiors for me have traditionally meant Greek-island-stark-mediterranean interiors. But Scandinavian use of white is totally different, and so delicious as well. Have a sunny day :)     … Continue reading

art in the kitchen!

Because all of us love artwork, and all of us love to be in the kitchen, why not put the two together? Here are some lovely ideas for artwork in the kitchen. No matter how little, or how simple, I think it always provides a little personal warmth to the heart of the house :) … Continue reading

color: mint green

Hello again! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I got lost in the excitement of my last week of vacation, but now, back to color! For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to this delicious shade of green. I think it all began with the old Prada … Continue reading

mid-week inspiration

I’ve had this image in my files for a long time, and I thought I’d dust it off for some inspiration today. I’m crazy for moulding, especially in old Parisian rooms with high ceilings. Today it ceases to be an ingenious way to correct crooked walls meeting crooked ceilings but it still brings elegance and … Continue reading

color: grey

I used to think grey was so sad, BUT! It’s actually a very  special color that can work almost anywhere, and can adapt to other items in the room quite easily. Depending on what the hue’s nature is (cool, warm, pinkish, bluish, etc)  it can look very differently depending on the light and it’s surroundings. … Continue reading

gallery walls forever

The trend has been around forever. Giovanni Panini painted rooms flooded with masterpieces in the 17th century. I see them as a great precursor to the arrangements that we still love today. This lovely tradition will surely stay around for a few more hundred years! State Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen