peggy’s travels

Oh how I wish I had the talent to take photos like these. Peggy Wong’s travels are not only enviable, but her images make her destinations look like places out of dreams. Cadiz, Bordeaux, Casablanca, Concarneau, San Simeon, just to name a few. Advertisements

casually captured

This is what I want to see in interior photography. Inga Powilleit captures people in their spaces in a relaxed and authentic way. The shots might be carefully styled and manicured, (we will never know!) but the spaces feel lived-in and real. We appreciate the way the space is used, and we get a good … Continue reading

ara güler’s photography

I fell in love with the black & white series from Istambul by Ara Güler. There are dozens more where these came from!  Mr. Güler has been famously photographing his native country for a long time (he’s 83 years old), often being called “the Eye of Istambul.” I’m amazed by the depth of these photographs, … Continue reading

beyond the photograph

Beautiful beautiful artwork by Spencer Studio. The evocative vintage photographs bleed onto the paper as pencil drawings by the artist. Via Miss Moss

peonies forever

Gorgeous photographs by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls from The Epicures. These are the most beautiful flowers around. I wish my house was permanently decorated with extravagant vases full of them.

styling with shades for gubi catalog

Every once in a while, and not very often does one find a catalog that is just as pleasurable to read as a good design magazine. Gubi’s latest is one of this year’s examples. How amazing is their furniture and their styling?! The shades of color on the walls make such lovely environments for this … Continue reading

santa barbara dream

Richard Powers is a great photographer, and especially for interiors. I love how he depicts this house in Fire Canyon, California. It’s already an amazing building situated on a beautiful lot,  but he is able to capture the drama of the location’s lighting really nicely, which highlights the beauty of the house even more. The contrast of … Continue reading

versailles sculpture by xavier veilhan

The awesome photographer Todd Selby documented the great French artist’s installation at the Palace of Versailles in 2009. It’s so great when historical sights are the setting for contemporary art, and I think this is a good example of that. My favorite is the purple mobile of spheres against the ornate ceiling. It feels to me … Continue reading

wild horses! photographs by roberto dutesco

I remember seeing a large print of one of Roberto Dutesco’s photographs in a lobby in Soho and always wondering who the photographer of these gorgeous horses was. Well I finally found out when I bumped into the Dutesco gallery this weekend and fell in love with his work all over again! Dutesco has been photographing … Continue reading

weekend inspiration… bright and sunny!

Have a great weekend everyone.