in love: prada men’s f/w 2012

How I love the men’s runway. The 1920’s inspired diplomatic meeting room with the giant chandeliers and the opulent carpet all complement the super elegant “military elite” suits in dark tones. A hint of red here and there (merci Adrien Brody) and a few older faces for the models. Perfection!   Advertisements

o’mast: watch this

I had a genuine fit of joy when I saw this trailer, which was graciously tipped to us by a likable young fashion lover. I cannot wait to see the film (eeeeee!!!) Perhaps one of the only surviving clans of artist/tailors (because yes, they’re artists) these Neapolitan men should be cloned and sprinkled all over the world, … Continue reading

hidden treasure — casa malaparte, capri

I recently found out about this very special house that sits on the southeastern coast of the Isle of Capri. Casa Malaparte was commissioned by journalist Curzio Malaparte and started construction in 1937 (!!). The architect was modernist (and briefly rationalist) Adalberto Libera. The house sits 32 m above the coastline, overlooking the coast of Salerno. … Continue reading

audio, video, disco – justice

Love the video, love the song.

build your own living structure! looking at ken isaacs’ investigation

I ran into this interesting story on an art and architecture blog that I like to read, and I thought I’d share! I really like utopian architecture projects, ideas for new spaces for living, and proposals to rethink our lifestyles and our needs. This small book published in 1974 by architect Ken Isaacs looks at … Continue reading

factory mega house and studio

“to be an architect means to understand space, to understand space organized by man, to decipher the spontaneous movements and behavior of people, and to detect the needs of change that they might unconsciously express. It is essential to track down these issues if we want to contribute with our personal work to the history … Continue reading

the great Joe Arroyo, RIP

Today I’d like to digress from my regular subjects to pay homage to one of the greatest salsa artists of all time. Joe Arroyo passed away this morning in Barranquilla from respiratory and cardiac complications. The Colombian artist was born into poverty in Cartagena in 1955. He had an exceptionally gifted career, recording his first … Continue reading

beautiful food

The talented couple from Tiger in a Jar make a gorgeous video on how to make beet cake (beet cake?!) If cooking shows were filmed like this, I’d cook twice as much. Keep ’em coming! Buen provecho :)

a word from Ilse Crawford

Great words on interior design by London-based Ilse Crawford. It’s a slow revolution, but it’s happening! Via Dezeen