o’mast: watch this

I had a genuine fit of joy when I saw this trailer, which was graciously tipped to us by a likable young fashion lover. I cannot wait to see the film (eeeeee!!!) Perhaps one of the only surviving clans of artist/tailors (because yes, they’re artists) these Neapolitan men should be cloned and sprinkled all over the world, … Continue reading

hybrid collection by seletti

I love the concept for this china collection by Seletti. Each piece shows the juxtaposition of eastern and western porcelain in one piece. I believe one could never have enough china, and a few unique pieces such as these make a great addition to a collection.  

peonies forever

Gorgeous photographs by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls from The Epicures. These are the most beautiful flowers around. I wish my house was permanently decorated with extravagant vases full of them.

brooklyn beauty

You know when you find an image you absolutely love, but the scary and vast digital abyss of the internet won’t allow you to find where the hell it came from? Well today I found the source of one of my favorite bedrooms, which I think I’ve posted here before. And I’m delighted to inform … Continue reading

la perversa: mexican movie posters c.1948-1954

These are some truly awesome movie posters. I’ve started an “illustration” category after this encounter because I can’t wait to find more! The posters are quite amazing in their use of color. I love the monochromatic figures, the overlapping images and all those saucy titles! You don’t have to speak spanish to know what’s going … Continue reading

montréal: 3 days, 3 destinations

We were in the lovely city of Montreal for just under three days, and we surely fell in love! Amidst our busy schedule of visiting fabulous restaurants, fun bars, and plenty of browsing through great furniture shops, we also managed to visit 3 great spots that we highly recommend to our fellow architecture lovers. 1. … Continue reading

bolshoi theatre reopens!!

The enormous renovation and restoration of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre is finally done, and after six years the theatre will finally reopen, tonight!! The massive project sought to bring the theatre back to its glorious days of the czars, i.e.  foundation reinforced, stages rebuilt, acoustics recovered and every inch of the gold leaf replaced. Catherine the Great had … Continue reading

thoughts for thursday

                                                                                                              … Continue reading

acido dorado adorns the desert

Who doesn’t like gold? I was mesmerized by this house in Joshua Tree National Park, by architect Robert Stone. Everything is dipped in gold inside and outside this trippy abode. Eeeeverything. 3 different tones of gold automotive paint, to be exact. Stone built this house (and it’s black counterpart “Rosa Muerta”–must see!) for desert enthusiasts … Continue reading

color: white vol II

Never enough shades of white! This beautiful restoration by Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman avoids the “modern” stark look of white and embraces the warm, the elegant and the timeless. Taking advantage of various shades of white in one room helps bring depth and chic-ness to these spaces. My favorite element: the wall of china :)     … Continue reading