the color test vol II

Another fun test for your eyes (at the risk of going temporarily color blind afterwards) click here. Enjoy! Advertisements

acido dorado adorns the desert

Who doesn’t like gold? I was mesmerized by this house in Joshua Tree National Park, by architect Robert Stone. Everything is dipped in gold inside and outside this trippy abode. Eeeeverything. 3 different tones of gold automotive paint, to be exact. Stone built this house (and it’s black counterpart “Rosa Muerta”–must see!) for desert enthusiasts … Continue reading

color: white vol II

Never enough shades of white! This beautiful restoration by Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman avoids the “modern” stark look of white and embraces the warm, the elegant and the timeless. Taking advantage of various shades of white in one room helps bring depth and chic-ness to these spaces. My favorite element: the wall of china :)     … Continue reading

styling with shades for gubi catalog

Every once in a while, and not very often does one find a catalog that is just as pleasurable to read as a good design magazine. Gubi’s latest is one of this year’s examples. How amazing is their furniture and their styling?! The shades of color on the walls make such lovely environments for this … Continue reading

color : navy blue

This color is everywhere this season. For interiors I especially love navy blue velvet for upholstery and window treatments. The color works beautifully for walls and accents as well.      

quirky saturation in londontown

How super duper fun is designer Abigail Ahern’s apartment in London?  And what better way to show it off than by having it photographed by one of my blog heroes Todd Selby! This place is another great example of someone who is not afraid of using dark colors and saturated hues.  I love that she doesn’t … Continue reading

turquoise details

One of the greatest things about the blog world is when you start realizing that there is truly something to discover for every interest one can possibly have. For example, I love the color turquoise and well guess what, there is a fabulous blogger who dedicates all of her posts to this beautiful shade and … Continue reading

color: white…. by annette ekjord And I love how Oslo-based interior designer Annette Ekjord uses white in her spaces. A lot of these are actually IKEA interiors. Who would’ve known! White interiors for me have traditionally meant Greek-island-stark-mediterranean interiors. But Scandinavian use of white is totally different, and so delicious as well. Have a sunny day :)     … Continue reading

the color test

My dear cousin sent me this challenging little test for us color lovers. Try it out here: X-rite I must warn you, it gets tiring on the eyes after a few minutes, but it’s interesting to play around and find out what your eye’s weaknesses are. Did you know that 1 in every 255 women and … Continue reading

color: mint green

Hello again! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I got lost in the excitement of my last week of vacation, but now, back to color! For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to this delicious shade of green. I think it all began with the old Prada … Continue reading